Some Dev Tools to Try When Making a PWA App

Some Dev Tools to Try When Making a PWA App

A person is thinking about building a new app. They are thinking of a PWA written with some native Android apps they have use din the past. Their problem is that they are not a designer. This means that they need a good user interface framework that has a native feel. They are looking for suggestions for one on which to build their app.

One person wrote back and said that they have experimented with Material Components Web, but they did not think that the user interface looked all that great. Another person said that they had heard some good things and read good reviews of Iconic, but they had not used it themselves. Iconic is a framework. The original poster thought that Iconic would be a promising option. Someone else wrote back and said that Iconic is great for their needs, and they use it on more than 90 percent of their projects, which are all PWA.

Someone else suggested that the original poster take a look at Quasar, which is a development tool. Another person added that if the original poster is in need of an animation library, they should take a look at GSAP 3.0. They said that AnimeJS could be another good option for animations. The original poster took a look and said that they would give AnimeJS a try. The person who suggested it has not actually used it, but they do use the React app and Material UI.

One person wondered if there is anything about a PWA that requires a different framework. Someone else said that Material Components Web looks nice, but their demos have a lot of bugs. They suggested using it only if the original poster needs a flexible framework. A person added that PWA contains a lot of fragments that only work in an Android or in the PC Windows environment.

Someone else suggested GitHub's CSS tools. A different person suggested Angular. Other suggestions included Gatsby S and, which look promising for these frameworks. Finally, another person suggested Set Product's website for framework help for a PWA app project. For more information click here

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