Sketch Composite Design Draws Accolades and Some Digital Security Warnings

Sketch Composite Design Draws Accolades and Some Digital Security Warnings

A website developer recently made a composite design in Sketch and transformed it into coded components that can move. It can be used in React, React Native, Vue and Next. The developer wanted to share this on a social network and get some feedback before the prototype is updated and made into a live version.

One person wrote that they liked it a lot and looked forward to seeing it live. The developer replied that they are offering an automated update for people who would like to subscribe for additional details.

A person who took a look offered a suggestion about creating CSS modules that are in line. This would allow the user to make a style sheet. The developer wrote back to explain that the site is already using that, but in a slightly different way than what the commentator suggested.

Another person warned the original poster about publicly posting their email address on the internet. This person noted that there are crawlers collecting emails to sell to marketing companies and to more nefarious people who might try to spam or send malicious links, malware or other stuff that a person would not want to get on their computer. The person also mentioned that there are other security risks associated with tying an account ID to an email address and making these two things easy for possible hackers to find.

One person noted that a button was out of alignment. This can happen, but it may not be an error. If it is in a module or a box, this can shift the left alignment to the placement of the box or module rather than the page as a whole.

The original poster created a way for people to subscribe to updates on this prototype. The users can adjust things for themselves in order to see how it works. The interactivity of this prototype makes it more fun for users. The original poster explained that Sketch is used for the drawing and another program is used for the color coding and movement. It should be production ready in weeks. For more information click here

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