Site Developer Offers to Audit Sites Using a Screen Reader

Site Developer Offers to Audit Sites Using a Screen Reader

A website designer who is blind offered up their services to anyone who would like their website checked over with a screen reader. A screen reader is essential to anyone with low or no vision. The reader reads the text, image captions, menus, headers and footers on a web page. It is the only way that a person with a vision disorder would be able to access the internet. In a time when accessibility is key to a successful website, compatibility with a screen reader is important. A site's owner might not realize that some of their content would be skipped over by a screen reader or frustrating for the listener. This person offered their services as a way to increase overall accessibility of websites.

Several programmers who do not have their own websites wanted to thank the original poster for their offer. They recognized the importance of a site that is accessible to all and compatible for a screen reader. The original poster wrote back to tell them that they were welcome and that their goal is accessibility for all.

Many website owners an developers shared links to their sites and asked the original poster to review them with the screen reader. One of those website owners noted that they are trying to work on accessibility, but without their own screen reader, they were having a difficult time with several aspects of making their site ADA compliant.

The original poster replied in threads about some potential accessibility problems that they found on different sites. Some of those problems included strange link text and tabs that were unlabeled. On a site that had photos of food and drink items, the original poster said that their screen reader did not inform them of the color options for certain things. This would be an image description, tag or attribute error for accessibility.

The original poster would not be able to go into detail on every request that they received. However, going into detail on a couple of them gives the other people a chance to take a look at similar site components. For more information click here

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