Simple Options for Hosting Are a Good Choice for Beginners

Simple Options for Hosting Are a Good Choice for Beginners

Website design isn't the easiest thing in the world. Not many people know how to code computers, programs, and applications; programming languages are literally languages in the sense that there are thousands of words - nouns, verbs, and adjectives, just to name a few - and learning proper syntax is difficult. Even though most programming languages use English as a base language, people who are beginners to coding that do know English don't have much of a step up on their non-English-speaking counterparts.

As such, people who write and operate their own blogs, have popular social media pages but need websites to build their brand, and small businesses without many resources reach out to web hosting companies like GoDaddy.

Seemingly everybody has heard of GoDaddy. The brand has considerable exposure and has for some years - the company spends tons of money on advertising as part of its business model.

Even if we could assume that everyone who is familiar with GoDaddy first learned about the brand through large-scale advertisements - not from positive word of mouth or good reviews left on the World Wide Web - we'd still mostly trust the company because it's such a household name, right? How else could GoDaddy afford to maintain itself in advertisements as an everyday name?Unfortunately, many people simply don't like GoDaddy - here's why

GoDaddy is a solid choice for people who don't need high-tech website designs and layouts - think of responsive web design or fully-researched site layouts to maximize engagement - to be satisfied.

Two of the biggest things that GoDaddy has going its favor is that the company offers customer service and low-cost hosting. Unfortunately, its customer service isn't world-class. Do your own research before taking these suggestions, but...
Countless website design forums across the Internet have touted domain-hosting conglomerates like Digital Ocean and Linode - this isn't to say that those two are the only solid choices, because they're not the only ones; make sure to look in to them yourself before you get too far.

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