is the Perfect Web Design Platform Software for Feature Stories Online is the Perfect Web Design Platform Software for Feature Stories Online

Some of the most amazing and incisive sections of the BBC News website are built with licensed special tools that developers should keep in mind. A internal search for "Trump and Scotland" on the BBC site returns a long and beautifully designed page with plenty of multimedia and hard-hitting content that tells the complicated relationship between United States President Donald Trump and his controversial Aberdeenshire golf course. Even though there are enough touches of BBC branding to remind visitors where they are, this section stands out in terms of presentation and style.
The parallax scrolling, high-resolution images, dynamic layouts, and media playback of the Trump-Scotland BBC page is made possible by, a web publishing platform that can be used to design feature stories. The way Shorthand works is as follows: publishers evaluate their needs and choose one of the various subscriptions plans, which start at $20 per month, to decide how flashy their story needs to be. The basic plan includes numerous themes, collections and unlimited page views; Shorthand works like a content management system for the benefit of content authors, but tech support is available to developers who need to discuss aspects such as JSON exports.
Since the kind of stories that should be published on Shorthand will surely create large files, the best approach is to host the project on the platform servers. The Trump Scotland story, for example, weighs in at 13 MB; all the same, it runs very smoothly, and Shorthand offers advanced analytics to gauge traffic and engagement. Once the project has run its course, it is up to website administrators to perhaps create functional, yet not as flashy, HTML versions for archiving.
The best selling point of Shorthand is that it virtually requires zero coding. The platform is very user-friendly and geared towards journalists who may not be familiar with web design and development. The idea is to dazzle visitors and empower content creators to do what they do best. In the end, visitors will benefit the most from the experience. For more information click here

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