Share Your Best Moments with Google Clips

Share Your Best Moments with Google Clips

With Google Clips on the horizon, the tech giant is emphasizing the importance of artificial inteligence (AI) in tandem with cutting-edge machine learning toward a human purpose. While AI has been in and out of discussion over the last decade, it recently exploded when talk of AI-powered cars, cameras and smartphones emerged on a new front. It's much like the concept of electric road vehicles: It keeps pushing, and each time it does, it gets a little closer to perfecting the idea for mass consumer distribution.

Google is addressing the timeless complication of taking the perfect shot. Google Clips is a hands-free camera that you attach to your person or other mounting surface (such as your car's dashboard) to capture candid moments of your time with others. The AI analyzes the shots and determines which ones are the cutest, coolest and so on, which is decided from variables that the system sets over time as it continues to notice who you hang around, what you to do with them and how you handle the media that's captured.

For those not in the know, machine learning is effectively a means for AI to measure the data that it captures against various user responses in order to determine what is expected of that AI as it continues to perform. Over time, the AI begins to figure it out and churns more useful results for the user. This is considered the latest breakthrough in the field of user experience (UX), bringing a bevy of applications for people in every industry. Of course, it won't be long before businesses make widespread use of AI to help out with front-end applications.

There's much more at play than just sticking an AI program on a chip and expecting it to figure out its job. At the end of the day, it's still just a computer, which means that some brilliant geek needs to give it a series of directives. In the case of Google Clips, the AI will be specifically engineered to identify faces, situations and environments for the purpose of capturing the most appealing images and video clips of your precious moments.

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