Scalable Vector Graphics Offer Great Flexibility

Scalable Vector Graphics Offer Great Flexibility

Scalable vector graphics are ideal for website design. SVGs are small text files so they are lightweight and will help websites load quickly. They are also infinitely scalable with no loss of image quality. You can use the same SVG for an icon and a hero image and both will look crisp and clear.

Modifying SVGs is easy using CSS or JavaScript. Images are fully editable with free online tools such as:

InconShock SVG Colorizer - InconShock's tool allows users to apply their branding colors to a variety of icons in different categories. Free icons are for personal use; commercial users must link back to InconShock. The free plan only lets users download PNG files. Upgraded plans allow access to branding tools and let users download SVG files.

Vectr - Vectr is a free online SVG editor with an intuitive interface and detailed instructions. There is a filler menu so users can edit fonts, shadows, borders, opacity and more. SVGs are for personal, noncommercial use.

Vecteezy - Most of Vecteezy's files are free to use. Each file has its own license as they are uploaded by vector artists from around the world. To encourage contributions, Eezy’s PPD program lets contributors earn money when someone downloads their file.

You can also edit SVGs with Adobe Illustrator, however, it is expensive to buy or to get a subscription if you just want to edit SVGs, especially when there are free tools available online.

SVGs are popular with web designs because the images render well at any size. As newer devices come with higher resolution displays, using SVGs in website design is more popular than ever. SVGs also well-supported and highly customizable. You can animate SVGs and make them translucent so your website will standout from competition. If you have a website which ranks well in the SERPs, you will receive a lot of visitors. If your website looks generic, your visitors may bounce. For more information click here

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