Put a lid on embarrassing notification with Muzzle

Put a lid on embarrassing notification with Muzzle

The Internet is full of applications that are intended to help people, more or less, lead more satisfying lives. This classification - that of software, programs, and both web and mobile apps that beef up satisfaction derived from living - is broad, and fits countless digital tools.

One of these helpful web apps is named "Muzzle," which is billed as "a simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing."

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Wait... what could that possibly mean?

Muzzleapp.com, the self-owned website of Muzzle, features some inappropriate, hilarious, and downright dirty notifications that would pop up on a MacBook. Let's touch on just a few of these... If you're not 18, turn around! You don't want burn your eyes!
From "Barry" - Which hepatitis is curable? Hepatitis A, right? From "Raymond" - So hungover. Please just kill me. From "Dad" - Mom and I think it's time for you to move out. From "Tomothy" - HR says genital warts aren't covered.
OK - here's the deal. Everybody has secrets of their own - literally nobody is devoid of things they're not comfortable with telling other people - but the imaginary (at least I hope that person was imaginary...) character whose notifications include nothing but dirty, inappropriate, unhealthy, immature, sad, and depraved overtones.

Still, even if you're just one-tenth the bad person that Muzzle's hopefully make-believe character is, you might find yourself in a situation involving someone standing behind your open computer to catch whatever notifications pop up, texts from your girlfriend or boyfriend that mention things about "sexy time" or other inappropriate messages, or whatever your messages that you really, really, really want to keep private may contain.

Muzzle is free, and takes up hardly zero space on a MacBook's hard drive disk. Even if your MacBook is old, slow, and has a painfully small HDD storage, you'll still benefit from downloading the 100 percent free program that is Muzzle.

Feel like you don't have anything to hide? Then why don't you put everything you talk about, who you talk to, what you do when nobody's around, etc., on flyers and distribute them around your hometown?

Just get Muzzle.

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