Professional Inspiration for New Web Developers and Designers

Professional Inspiration for New Web Developers and Designers

There may come a time in your life as a professional web developer or designer when your internet presence will need to be upgraded. Many designers and developers opt for static websites that are essentially placeholders for their resumes and portfolios. Others let their LinkedIn profiles and Twitter feeds do all the talking. The most inspiring professionals maintain engaging personal websites that serve as more than just magnets for attracting clients.

When you are ready to launch a website that will transform your professional standing into a solid personal brand, be sure to gain inspiration from the following:

Jeff Atwood - Coding Horror

According to the founder of the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange network of question and answer websites, starting a website in 2004 was a major turning point in his career. Even though Atwood's experience with coding started well before the advent of the web, it did not take long for him to see that the future of personal computing was contingent upon advanced website development. Coding Horror runs on the streamlined Ghost blogging platform, and the content is highly engaging because it deals with slightly philosophical matters related to programming.

Julia Evans

This programmer from Montreal specializes in building complex web infrastructures that supporting enterprise efforts such as the Stripe system of electronic payments. Her blogging style is focused on learning new things that make her development projects easier and more enjoyable.

Jen Simmons - Experimental Layout Lab

One of the best ways to get the most out of CSS with regard to page layouts is to visit Jen Simmons' visual lab, a website that lets images do all the talking. An interesting aspect of this website is that Simmons often uses timeless examples of smart graphic design such as old Apple magazine advertisements promoting the Macintosh, historical posters for the World's Fair, covers of jazz albums, and others; along with these examples, Simmons also provides modern CSS works that follow the aesthetics of the legacy examples. The lesson to learn here is the keen observations about how great design can be accomplished in any era regardless of the tools used. For more information click here

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