Popular Web Design Pages On Github

Popular Web Design Pages On Github

In a large online design community, a person shared a long list of links they thought would be fun and useful to others. They are web design-related items on Github pages. The person said that if anyone else had some to share, to add them in a comment. The list includes:

https://material-components.github.io/material-components-web-catalog/#/ Go here for a collection of material web components.

https://paveldogreat.github.io/WebGL-Fluid-Simulation/ This site is an interactive web GL fluid simulation.

http://pcottle.github.io/MSOutlookit/ It makes a website look like Microsoft Outlook so that a person can browse it at work without getting noticed.

https://emilkowalski.github.io/css-effects-snippets/ This is a collection of SAAS-like CSS effects.

http://tevko.github.io/practice/ This offers random prompts for a person to write code.

https://antonreshetov.github.io/vue-unicons/ This offers more than 1,000 pixel SVG unicons for Vue components.

https://yoksel.github.io/relative-clip-path/ The site generates pre-made clip paths for SVGs.

https://rocksdanister.github.io/lively/ Bring a desktop to life with animated wallpaper.

https://sourabhdesai.github.io/PixelMist/ Make a graphic of mathematical expressions with this site.

https://konpa.github.io/devicon/ Find a set of icons for programming languages, development tools and design helpers.

https://deadlocked247.github.io/painted-fbm/ This site offers downloadable backgrounds.

https://youzan.github.io/vant/#/en-US/ This is a list of mobile user interface parts built in Vue.

https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/ Create a custom image on a flag that waves.

https://googlechrome.github.io/lighthouse/viewer/ Make lighthouse SONs with this site.

https://trimps.github.io/ This is a challenging game to try.

https://mitre-attack.github.io/attack-navigator/enterprise/ This is for penetration testing for website security.

https://rexriepe.github.io/tpcs Use this site to define a base color, and the library will give you nine semantic colors to coordinate with it.

https://9elements.github.io/fancy-border-radius/ When a person uses eight values for a border radius in CSS, it will make organic shapes.

https://webkul.github.io/coolhue/ This site delivers interesting gradients in CSS code.

https://jdan.github.io/98.css/ Use this design system for recreating faithful representations of old user interfaces.

https://poloclub.github.io/ganlab/ make a generative adversarial network in a web browser with this site.

Several people took a look at these links and thought they were cool. They thanked the original poster for sharing them. A few people said different links reminded them of other codes and features that they had used in the past. One person hoped that others had some additional links they could look at. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/htpm7z/githubio_gems/.

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