Phase Empowers Individuals to Build Attractive Web Pages.

Phase Empowers Individuals to Build Attractive Web Pages.

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As you're planting your soles firmly in the muddy ground with web development, you'll probably stumble into a handful of coding tools out there that help you get started on all kinds of projects. As you and many others eventually figure out, the problem with many of these options is their lack of intuitive interface, which means they don't play too nicely with fresh learners and unseasoned script-writers. This kind of backwards thinking is what services like Phase are designed to circumvent, and it's a beautiful change in course from the needlessly old-fashioned norm of knowing the code.

Phase is a newly fired up approach on building your own personal web page or mobile app - key emphasis on personal. By introducing a no-code display that you can work with by visual interaction, building your web space is as natural as touching the GUI elements on your phone or laptop screen to launch them. You can drag and rearrange attributes, click and shift, select from a list and more while it all unfolds on a colorful, detailed yet simple timeline that points each cause to its corresponding effect.

The aim is, of course, to naturalize the experience of morphing, combining, constructing, mixing and matching each aspect of your site or app's features and aesthetic facets. The results are translated into efficient real-time code that can be exported and embedded into your editor to construct your site exactly the way it was pictured with Phase's interactive service. Rather than being dumbed down, the system is more of what you'd call genius. As Albert Einstein said, "The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple."

Advertising itself as "the last design tool you'll ever need", Phase is currently running an early access program to get people in the door preemptively for testing and advertising purposes. You can try it out by applying on their website to get started. Keep in mind that no essential part of the web-building experience is dropped, corner-cut or compromised on when creating your content with this service; it's a full-feature system that axes only the most painful part out of the picture: the technical geek stuff.

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