Perspectives On How To Create A Time-Lapse On Your Website

Perspectives On How To Create A Time-Lapse On Your Website

A person shared a link to a site that offers code on how to create a time lapse. The site does this with a main.js file. The person said they can configure objects and update them. On the site, a visitor can also find information on how each step of the time lapse code works. This person wanted to know what others in a large online forum for website designers thought about this site and the coding examples and information.

One person took a look and shared their thoughts. They were not sure how they would actually use a time lapse in their work, but they liked it. They thought it was a neat idea and creative on the part of the designer. Another person looked at the source and thought it was very nice. They wanted to know if the picture was meant to move when the visitor hovers. The original poster replied and said that it is meant to do this.

Someone else added that they use an app called Apollo. It has GIF and video scrubbing capabilities. It works like the example shared by the original poster. The time lapse happens when the visitor swipes side to side. Another individual thought the example was awesome, and they were happy the original poster took the time to share it in the forum.

Another individual took a look at the site and played the time lapse. They thought it was cool. This person wanted to know if the original poster or anybody else had tried a site called Observable.

Time lapses have a variety of uses on websites. They could show the growth of something, such as a plant or a person. They could also show how something changes over time, such as a building that is under construction or a person who is building a puzzle or building out of blocks. Time lapses can also be useful in showing a person's work over time, such as the painting of a room or the creation of a large mural that takes weeks to finish but seconds in time lapse. For more information click here

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