Our Advice To Web Designers: Step Up Your Game

Our Advice To Web Designers: Step Up Your Game

In total, the World Wide Web is home to roughly 1.5 billion websites, some 200 million of which are active right now. Although many of the currently-unhosted websites are likely to remain that way indefinitely, the count of 200 million unique websites is nothing short - not even in the slightest - of amazing.

All 200 million of these active websites aren't of high quality. However, it's safe to say that, as the number of live websites hosted on the contemporary Internet continues to increase - it's essentially a guarantee - and as time passes, during which the ease of high-quality web design will improve, the number of high-caliber web pages will become greater.

Here's what all this goes to say

Put simply, making websites that will stick out from the crowd, be considered easy to browse and of high quality, hold visitors' attention for relatively long periods of time, and otherwise be considered "good" will get harder as years pass.

It's important for web designers and developers who are thirsty for improvement to seek out the opinions of other, more experienced, better-off website creators.

A web designer recently asked a popular web design forum this...

Just yesterday, a forum popular among English-language Internet users featured a request for help in the form of a budding web developer asking how he could improve his very first website layout. The image included as an accompaniment to this article will show you what it looks like. With this in mind, here are a few means of improvement that fellow forum users shared with the original poster.

Here they are!

Improving the font size of the username, password, and subscribe fields, if not also emboldening each of them, is a good idea to improve levels of usability.

Utilizing icons that are generally used for certain things across the majority of the Internet's websites is important to keep in mind. For example, using a symbol of a human eye for Internet users to uncover the characters they've typed in a web page's "password" field so as to not get confused when trying to log in.

These were the two most important suggestions that the forum's community members convened on. Good luck to this budding web designer - regardless of skill, seeing the active pursuit of improvement is always respectable! For more information click here https://i.redd.it/d02495vpe6w31.png.

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