"My First Animated JS Website" About Pigeons (Band); Online Group Critiques Designer's Debut Site

"My First Animated JS Website" About Pigeons (Band); Online Group Critiques Designer's Debut Site

In a large discussion community that has a niche in web design and animations, a person shared that they just completed their first animated website. Its domain name is http://the-pigeons.ch/. The site is for some of the original poster's friends who have a musical band called The Pigeons. The original poster admitted that this is not a typical look for a website. They also said that there are a few small jokes built into the site, but they may not make sense for people who speak English rather than the original poster's first language. The person wanted to know what others thought about the site.

One person wanted to know what frames the original poster used. They said they used NextJS. They also used framer motion and liked the Framer API. Someone added that they liked the color scheme selected by the original poster. The designer replied and said that they came up with that first, but questioned whether or not to use it, then they just decided to go ahead and stick with it because they also liked it a lot.

A couple of people requested or suggested that the original poster add a smooth scrolling function to their code for the animation. They noted that on mobile, it did not perform smoothly when they scrolled. A few other people mentioned different scrolling issues, but they did not say what device or browser they were using when they had the issue. Most of the people who had a scrolling problem had a combination issue with the text and the image displaying in a strange way when they scrolled.

One of the reviewers wanted to know if the original poster used a library for their scrolling functions. The original poster added a note that they might use a stop scroll command to fix some of the scrolling issues people reported. A couple of people reported that it was glitching in Chrome. Another person said that the animations were not smooth for them, and they were using Media Pad. The T5 animations were the ones causing problems for that user. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/mdkcqc/i_created_my_first_animated_website/.

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