One Coder's Toggle Switch Gets Feedback From CSS Community

One Coder's Toggle Switch Gets Feedback From CSS Community

A designer has released a collection of customized CSS, free HTML and CSS toggle switch codes. There is an example of the switch, and the code is underneath it. The switch bounces a little when the user moves it from on to off or off to on.

In order to create the toggle in CSS, an input check box with a label is used. The label can be changed. The switch turns on when the box is checked and turns off when it is unchecked. The label goes under the input. It is an accessible toggle switch. It offers friendliness to screen readers, too. This toggle switch in CSS makes use of normal type controls. The button strip.js feature could be used with a JavaScript plugin for making a toggle switch that is inline. This would trigger an action after the user clicks on the right or left button.

A toggle switch may not be the most noticeable user interface part, but it is good for a boring task. Before a toggle switch was invented, just one check box was used to turn one item on or off. The toggle seems like a more natural thing to use, like a person uses a light switch.

When members of a large coding community took a look at the style options and the code examples for each of them, a lot of people had feedback and comments. One person said that the original coder's site does not provide a good user interface, and they made some suggestions on how to improve it for ease of reading and scrolling.

Another person wrote and said that the person needs to make some additions in order to make the code more functional. For example, the lack of the focus attribute means that this toggle switch does not work for a person who is using a keyboard. This person also gave some feedback on layout.

A different person suggested font family updates. They noted that not everybody who is coding uses Windows 10. The original poster's code seems to be geared toward people who use it. For more information click here

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