Not Just 90's Web Design: The Old Internet Was Better

Not Just 90's Web Design: The Old Internet Was Better

Bring Back the Internet of Old

When the Internet first entered the world stage, it was a glorious thing. People around the globe were fascinated by the potential. Individuals took pride over what they could create on the Internet. Information flowed freely and was relatively factual. There were not any flashy ads and even videos were almost non-existent back then. It was simply a place to go and learn something new. It was to be supplemented with other material we had relatively available to us. Sadly, that has all changed

What we have today is an Internet filled with pop up advertisements, videos that we do not want to see, fake news frought with the opinions of people who are just trying to have their minute of online fame, and so much more. Even social medial has become something of a nightmare. When social media first came onto the scene, it was a great thing to go and create your own personal page. You could customize it however you wanted and it was like having your own little piece of the Internet for your friends and family to see.

That is not the case anymore. Social media has become a template of mixed designs with way more advertisements than one ever even knew existed. Even individual creativity has been stifled. Rather than share something meaningful, it seems that posts today revolve around what people are eating and what gossip they wish to share. Bring back the way the Internet used to be and the world would be a much better place.

We have not even touched upon the privacy issues. You used to be able to surf the Internet and not have to worry about companies tracking your every move. Today, just try to search for a simple recipe to cook a meal and expect to be bombarded for weeks with advertisements related to food. All we have become is one big piece of data. This is not the way the Internet used to be. It would be nice if people would go back to creating simple websites that loaded quickly, were free of advertisements, and simply contained helpful information for the reader to digest. For more information click here

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