No Matter How You Slice It, Uniqueness is Important

No Matter How You Slice It, Uniqueness is Important

When it comes to judging American gridiron football teams, the suitableness of a particular politician's policies for the success of a nation, the potential correctness of religious views, which laptop computer is the "best," or which foreign cuisines are the tastiest, everybody has their own opinions, and for the most part, no viewpoint is "better" than another viewpoint.

However, when we qualify terms that equate to which given item, ideology, or person is "best," or "better" than one another, it becomes possible to reasonably debate which claims suit those qualifications most closely or effectively.

No matter how you or I slice it, it's likely that is one of the weirdest web pages across the entirety of the World Wide Web. Although few things are centered around tomatoes - taking exception to a comparison of which kinds of ketchup are the tastiest, what methods of growing tomatoes yield the most fruit, and so on -, in contrast, is centered almost entirely around the tomato fruit - yes, for those that don't know, tomatoes are, in fact, a fruit.

When visiting the web page, you'll see that the main color schemes center around bright yellow, and pastel red, and a mixture of semi-deep blue and a tinge of purple.

According to its unique website - and unique is quite a compliment, seeing as many people probably wouldn't enjoy navigating through the difficulties of's webpage, trying to make sense of what the 12 panels on the homepage actually link to - Duroc is a "Moroccan success story," and has been in business for nearly three deacdes.

Duroc was founded in 1989 as a dedication to the cultivation of round tomatoes, and was formed as a venture between the Spanish Duran and the Moroccan Delassus Group. In 1997, Duroc had established sufficient sources of production to enter sales agreements that adhered to local and regional grocery stores' and supermarkets' seasonality requirements, meaning Duroc could provide them with enough tomatoes to break through times of year in which few tomatoes were produced locally, as manufacturers nearby couldn't produce them, thanks to mother nature.

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