New Coder Wants to Know If Old Book Will Help

New Coder Wants to Know If Old Book Will Help

A person who wants to learn more HTML and CSS coding posted a screen shot of a book they found. The person wanted to know if the reference is outdated or if it would be a good book for learning these coding techniques. The book is called HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett. If the material is outdated, this individual wanted to know about some other references that are not obsolete.

One person wrote back in response to the question, stating that HTML5 and CSS3 have been in existence since 2008 and 2011, respectively. They added that while a few things have changed, the material in that book would still be relevant. This commentator said that the Duckett book is a good reference, and the original poster would be able to learn a great deal from it.

Another person replied to the original poster's question, explaining that it is a good book for a beginner, but it will not contain any HTML5 that a person will need to know for modern site designs and features. This individual added that the binding in that edition of the book is not very good, and the pages will probably fall out after regular use.

Someone else also had comments to share about the book. Their opinion was that the book is a good starting point. This person added that they also have the Duckett JavaScript book, which is also a good one for a beginner. They did add that the book will not contain the most up-to-date techniques and nuances of HTML5 or CSS3.

An individual noted that any book will be fine for a beginner. However, it is a good idea to refer to a few specific development sites in order to keep up with modern techniques and some changes to how HTML and CSS are done. They included some links for the original poster to use as references for modern coding.

A person added that flex box and grid would not be included in that reference. Another individual said their programming professor used it two years ago. For more information click here

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