Need help with a new book cover? Take some beneficial advice!

Finding the right book design is crucial. The layout and format of all kinds of books - everything from a novel to a collection of poetry - has a significant impact on the reader's experience. If you want people to pick up your book - or in the digital age, click on it - you'll need a professional design.

Goodreads is the way that many people discover their next immersive reading experience. Using these types of platforms provides independent authors with a means of promoting their work, getting it out there for people to see. With the help of platforms like Goodreads, more new authors are getting their books read thanks to the added exposure and distribution.

The design that's pictured is of good quality - you can tell that the designer put in the care and effort to present the text in an aesthetically pleasing way.

It is a minimalistic design choice - but isn't necessarily a negative. Book designs don't have to be too fancy. The main point of a design is to serve the text, not distract from it.

You should always watch out for errors with margins, padding, and gutters. These are all things that the casual reader might not pay attention to, but the more critical factions of your audience - which every genre has - will certainly notice these mistakes.

While a simple mistake with margins might not seem like a big deal, it communicates to experienced readers - literary connoisseurs - a lack of professionality and even sloppiness, which will only work against you as you try to win over your reader.

It's also important to consider the different types of devices that people will be reading the book on. Each device obviously comes with a different screen size - it's not just the resolution you need to be thinking about. Without a big enough screen, some touch targets may be too small.

In general, it's helpful to listen to advice and look for constructive criticism in the feedback. It's truly impossible to make it in the design world if you have thin skin. Try not to take any critiques personally - it's best to assume that anyone offering their advice only wants to see you improve your skills! For more information click here