MoodMap: Online ADHD Tools Created by Persons with ADHD

MoodMap: Online ADHD Tools Created by Persons with ADHD

A person with ADHD and ASD was diagnosed with their conditions at age 29. They learned how to code. While learning, they built a tool to understand their medication dose, timing and effects. They have now built a platform so that other people can benefit from it. The original poster shared the link and wanted others to take a look and see how it might help them. One person said they had seen it around many times. Their concern with it is the Chrome plugin. They don't want an app to watch them 24/7. There is no guarantee on the platform that the videos aren't going to be used or sold at some later time. This person wanted to know if the original poster has plans to implement a section that will show all the user data that has been collected. They also wanted to know if it would be possible for a user to get all their data removed from the platform.

Someone else chimed in about privacy requirements and the GDPR of the European Union. They said that the GDPR is a bureaucratic way to regulate privacy. The result has been a lot of user experience problems that impacted businesses and conversion rates negatively. This individual added that nothing can guarantee privacy when browsing.

The original poster replied and said that they made some updates and wanted some feedback. They also said they could answer questions. They reiterated that the goal of the site is to help a person understand how their medication dose and timing affects their attention span, mood and other behavior. They set up a discussion group for the platform.

One person who also has ADHD said they use Linux to limit gaming time. Doing that made them more productive without needing to track medications or doses or times. Another person added that they have enjoyed seeing the original poster's progress with making additions and updates to the platform's features over time. A few people had questions and decided to join the discussion group in order to learn more about using the new platform. For more information click here

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