Monochrome Drawings, Sketches, or Even Calligraphy into SVG

Monochrome Drawings, Sketches, or Even Calligraphy into SVG

Tracy is an online platform created by Florian Schulz where artists can transform their monochrome drawings, sketches, or even calligraphy into scalable vector graphics (SVG). Monochrome art can be described as an art form that is created using various shades of one particular color. These pieces are meant to reflect a certain amount of shades and hues off of them as a result. Many artists choose to use platforms such as Tracy to prepare their art for future interactive features and animation. SVG converts art into two-dimensional vector graphics that are easily scaled and exported.

The Tracy interface was built with a program called Imagetracerjs by Andras Jankovics. Artists have previously used programs such as Adobe Capture to transfer their monochrome art into SVG-supported formats, but the exporting tools in Tracy certainly outweigh Adobe Capture. Customers end up highly satisfied with how easily the images are exported through Tracy's interface as opposed to waiting longer time periods with Adobe Capture. Creating magnificent artwork takes enough time and dedication in itself. You don't want to have to spend a large amount of time and energy when it comes to exporting your monochrome pieces into an SVG format.

Another great feature of the Tracy software is that it easily syncs to both mobile and desktop devices at the same time without an account. We've all been met with the frustration of having to make new accounts in order to get things done online. Tracy allows you to utilize all of its features without having to spend time creating an official account with them. Once you access the site, you are instantly met with the creation area without any additional steps getting in the way before it is accessible.

The ability to create an enticing art piece and being able to later convert it to an interactive format is certainly exciting. Tracy gives users the option to do this without the added hassle of extended exporting time and registration. If you're looking to dive into the world of SVG with a simplistic and user-friendly platform, Tracy is definitely the best option for you.

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