Mixkit Providing Free Digital Images for Website Owners

Mixkit Providing Free Digital Images for Website Owners

There is a new website offering up art and digital images for any one to use, free of charge. The images range from stylized food to people and abstract art. The site is called Mixkit. The images and art have a range of colors, and there are many themes available. Some of the other subject areas include feelings, animals, house and home, relationships and activities. The site promises to offer a new collection of art free for anyone to use every month. People can submit their email in order to get notified of additions to the collection.

The use of this type of art and images is desirable on websites. Site owners often use images to add to the meaning of the text. This is especially true in blog posts. Not all site owners have the time or skills to take their own images and get releases from models. Small-time site owners may not have the budget to pay for every image that they want to use, but they may also not want to violate the artist's copyright. This site offers a great deal to site owners and anyone else who wants to make use of copyright-free artwork and digital images.

Many people wondered if the whole thing was too good to be true. After all, if it seems like it is too good to be true, then there usually is some kind of a catch to it. Nobody could find any catches. There are a few attributions of the hand-drawn work, so anyone who wants to use them would be wise to include the artist's name and the date and location of where they obtained the image. This would also be a good idea just for protecting oneself in case of questions about copyright in the future.

One person noticed that when they refresh the page, the menus change in order. This is a common thing in some websites, and it does not indicate any faulty programing. Users should be aware of any potential for automatic subscriptions or sale of their email address and should ensure updated security features. For more information click here https://mixkit.co/art/.

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