Minimalist and Modular, Draggable JS Makes Building Easier for Users - And It's Free!

Minimalist and Modular, Draggable JS Makes Building Easier for Users - And It's Free!

Draggable JS is a modular JavaScript library designed to create draggable interactive objects for your web design project. It is perfect for web applications and advanced interactive websites.

The Shopify team has hosted the library on their Github Page so that users may test out how smooth and responsive it is. You may move around the cubes using your cursor and place them in different parts of the screen. Of course, performance will depend on the quality of the user's hardware and which browser they use.

By design, it is very minimalist, which means that users may build it up to whatever creation that they desire. Objects are also swappable and they will show up in switched places in the DOM. It is perfect for preserve original layouts when swapping objects.

It also has the ability to sort 3D objects in multiple arrays. If you check out their example, you can drag a cube and the others will move in its place. You may also notice how quickly the cubes will respond as you shuffle through them.

There are also animation capabilities using this library. Animated buttons would be the first application in mind, like headers on the top of a website that pops out as a user hovers over with their mouse. Other animation applications could include simple games or interactive demonstrations. Using powerful CSS code, one may use this in any application they may think of.

It is designed and offered for free by the Shopify team, who has kindly left the code with an MIT license. This means that independent developers may freely use the code in any of their projects as long as they stay in line with the terms of the license. Personal projects and commercial products are free to use the code.

Shopify also invites developers to test their code, write applications and send submissions to their Github repository. They are always looking for new ways to expand on the code and create new features that will be useful for developers and Shopify plugin users.

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