Microsoft Releases the New Logo for Their Edge Internet Browser

Microsoft Releases the New Logo for Their Edge Internet Browser

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser is going through an upgrade, and part of that includes a new logo. Although Microsoft has not yet said when the new version of the browser will be available, it did release the new logo. The new logo features a color spectrum from turquoise to blue in a swirl that sort of looks like the outer part of an "e", but it looks more like a "c." The logo is quite different from what Microsoft used over the years for its Internet Explorer browser.

Many people felt like the logo looked like a slightly different colored version of the Mozilla Firefox logo with a 90 degree turn for the negative space. Since a lot of people like Firefox as their primary browser, it seems a little bit suspicious to those in the design and programming communities that the resemblance is quite strong with the new Microsoft Edge logo. A few people looked at the negative space in the new Edge logo and felt like it resembled something that is not safe for work (NSFW).

The perception of what the logo looks like will depend on an individual's life experience. One person, who lives in New Zealand, stated that the logo looks like one of their own korus, especially with the addition of the turquoise or greenish color. Another person thought that it looked like the logo Chromium already uses. Several others felt like it was the love child of the Firefox and Chromium logos.

Most people thought that the new Microsoft Edge logo should have had more differentiation from that of one of their competitors. They felt like there should have been more angles, or a line or even different negative space. One person explained that it was ironic, given the name "Edge" and a logo with no edges.

A few others stated that the new Edge logo does not fit in with the rest of the designs that Microsoft has made lately. One person made a joke that it looks more like a wave just before it crashes, which could be some foreboding. For more information click here

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