Methods of Creating Scalable Vector Graphics

Methods of Creating Scalable Vector Graphics

In modern-day web design, scalable vector graphics are highly valued by web designers and graphic artists because they do not lose fidelity on a pixel-by-pixel basis when enlarged within a browser window. Additionally, the fact it is all executed as syntax that is interpreted directly by the browser means that the viewer does not have to load large image or animation files and potentially encumber the user experience at the expense of SEO. CSS syntax is capable of providing abstract shape animations in the SVG format without strictly relying on JavaScript.

An animation located at Primer Components gives the impression of having been structured within Adobe After Effects, which is a program that supports plugins that expand its features so that it can better allow users to accomplish specific nuances. If a plugin was used in this case, it may have been the Lottie library, which effectively serves as a filter that previously exported After Effects animations are run through so that they can be rendered directly on the client side. In this environment, the animations will enjoy the aforementioned advantages of the SVG format.

On the other hand, the Greensock Animation Platform may have been used to animate this effect through JavaScript syntax that is compatible with HTML 5. This is an approach to web animation that has been gaining traction because it provides tools that make it easy to have a shape transform into another shape dynamically and smoothly. More significantly for the client, it is widely seen as addressing a technical issue that SVG transformations commonly face; different browsers and devices can display significantly different and inconsistent transformations because they have their own methods of parsing transformations. The GSAP is designed to ensure that SVG-based transformations will carry out in the same manner across all mainstream devices and browsers.

Given the simplicity of the animation at Primer Components, however, it is plausible that it was achieved entirely through the suite of syntax that is available within CSS by default. Ideally, a web animation that can be done purely within CSS should not involve more dedicated libraries. For more information click here

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