Make sure you do christmas the right way with these cards

Make sure you do christmas the right way with these cards

Given that it comprises such a large part of the yearly business for many companies, I'm sometimes a little surprised that more of the vendors don't make a better effort to get in sync with the holiday season. Even if they are primarily secular in outlook, they are often dealing with people who have a very vested interest in the holidays, regardless of their own personal religious connotations. Showing a little, shall we say, team spirit can't hurt one's chances to cultivate some new clients.

These digital Christmas card designs show off tradition at its finest (and most absurd). After all, the now-fading tradition of sending out Christmas cards to family, friends, and business associates was really all about networking-- a concept that most of us certainly embrace in our daily lives. What better way to continue a tradition than by modernizing it and using it as a sort of calling card as to your firm's capabilities.

Anybody can buy a 50-pack of generic cards and dump them in the mail, but these efforts showcase the CREATIVITY of the company they represent. They are in essence saying that they are nice friendly people who can bring some fresh ideas to your company's online interests if you'll just give them a crack at it. Very smart from a marketing perspective, if you ask me.

Nor should the underlying sentiment be discounted either. Hopefully, it's been a good year for everyone out there and spreading a little innocent desire for peace on earth, goodwill towards men can't hurt your prospects for 2018. So take pride in what you've accomplished this year, and use this opportunity to remind everyone that you hope things have gone swimmingly for them as well. Now onward to the New Year.

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