Learn the Difference Between Pseudo Elements and Pseudo Classes

Learn the Difference Between Pseudo Elements and Pseudo Classes

A programmer shared an article with other programmers that details uncommon use cases for pseudo elements. The poster wanted to know what other people thought about the ideas shared in the article. This person intends to try out some of the ideas in their own work, and they also wondered if anyone else might have a use for the tips in the content.

One person wrote back and stated that they learned something from the article. They did not know that it was possible to do a file extension in CSS. A person replied to that commentator and noted that they used it for hiding prefixes. They said that it can be done to any value at any time in CSS.

Another person read the article and noted that there were a lot of useful ideas in the article, and they could see how they might use several of them in the future. Most people were surprised by the number of good ideas in the article, and nearly all of the people who took a look at it said that they learned something new about the use of pseudo elements.

People who are new to coding in CSS might not even know what a pseudo element is. The pseudo element in CSS is a keyword that is added to a selector. It allows the designer to style a specific part of the specified element. For example, the pseudo element "::first-line" can be used for changing the font of the first line of the paragraph of text. Just one pseudo element can be used in a selector. CSS syntax requires it to be coded after the simple selectors in the statement. The selectors use double colons.

Pseudo elements are different from, but related to pseudo classes. A pseudo class can be used to perform a transformation based on the state of an element. The selectors for a pseudo class are a single colon followed by the attribute. However, some older browser versions accept a single colon for either a pseudo element or a pseudo class, so the coder needs to track. For more information click here https://ishadeed.com/article/unusual-use-cases-pseudo-elements/.

Pseudo Elements Pseudo Classes Difference