Learn more than ever before with this leading web page in your hands

Learn more than ever before with this leading web page in your hands

Inspired by the reputable MIT and Stanford Universities, hundreds of schools around the globe have created free online programming and computer science courses for the public. As technologies continue to advance by leaps and bounds, the necessity for these courses becomes increasingly more apparent.

Of the 8,000 courses that are currently available via Class Central's database, freeCodeCamp was generous enough to handpick 430 of the most notable courses. What's more, each course has been ranked based on difficulty level. In addition, most programs include student reviews along with a 5-star rating system. With so much useful information being provided upfront, potential course takers can gauge which program is best suited for them.

The first section, "beginner", includes 112 courses. Consisting of predominantly introduction courses, these programs are intended for either programming/computer science novices or veterans who need to revisit their roots. Courses within this portion include, but certainly aren't limited to, usable security, intro to HTML and CSS, intro to computer science, intro to cloud computing, Java programming basics, and writing professional code.

For those who are comfortable with their basic training and would like to develop new skillsets, the "intermediate" level courses are likely the most appealing. Among the most highly accredited courses within this group are object-oriented JavaScript, learning from data, agile development using ruby on rails, software debugging, and client-server communication.

The "advanced" group is reserved for only the most skilled programmers and computer science gurus. With only 86 programs listed, it's obvious this group speaks to a smaller number of people. Stanford University will be hosting two introduction to artificial intelligence courses, while the University of Oxford is offering a deep learning for natural language processing class. Microsoft will also be providing a slew of advanced courses such as infrastructure as code, deep learning explained, DevOps for database, and DevOps testing.

While it is entirely up to the course taker to determine the most beneficial program, each course has been tailored to hone in on a specific trade. Accurately assessing your level of skill and pinpointing the areas that need to be improved upon will help determine which course is the best course.

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