Keep Up With the Trends in Language When Writing Content

Keep Up With the Trends in Language When Writing Content

Thanks to the proliferation of technology, dictionaries and informal word banks alike have loaded on thousands of words and phrases - some as popular as meme, others as jargon-like as splash screen.

A splash screen, according to Techopedia, is a temporary screen used by smartphones, web pages, applications, and software that instantly appears - as long as users have them enabled on their respective devices - whenever items are loading.

Although not all pieces of tech employ splash screens, they're becoming more common. As computing power and Internet bandwidth increase, splash screens won't be played for as long as they currently are, though it's unclear if they will remain popular throughout the future.

Splash screens generally contain things like images, logos, trademarks, and the current editions of operating systems or updates being used. They serve two main purposes - they have been shown to keep users entertained while web applications are loading; also, they convey the message to consumers that such programs are currently loading and not frozen.

You might be familiar with splash screens' loading progress bars. Some show percentages, whereas others show bars or other geometric images that become filled with one or more colors as applications load.

Fortunately, deciding what exactly splash screens should look like is not nearly as difficult as coding them; web designers sometimes pick what splash screens will look like when finished, whereas executives, owners, and other higher-ups will either largely guide the progression of style in applications or determine the entirety of what they're supposed to feel like and appear as.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your software's or application's loading screens.

Many modern programs showcase their logos as splash screens to generate consumer awareness. In some cases, unflattering designs, colors, and patterns can make such brands actually turn out bad for those applications' images.

Some splash screens contain advertisements. Although these designs are unlikely to be popular with consumers, they generate revenue from people who are willing to spend money on getting rid of ads.

Lastly, making logos dynamic - in other words, making them move - with eye-popping animations is also popular.

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