Is There a Purpose for Generating Shadows in CSS?

Is There a Purpose for Generating Shadows in CSS?

A website called allows a user to generate shadows in CSS based on the specific parameters they enter. Users can pick a color and then use a sliding scale in order to adjust parameters for size, radius, distance, intensity, blur and shape. This gives a person a chance to experiment by adjusting one parameter at a time, two at the same time or even more. A person could get an idea of how the parameters interact with or complement each other.

This generator was shared on a design forum so that people could try it for themselves and discover how it works. Several people took a look and had comments about their experiences. One liked how the generator worked but noted that it seems to be taking overall website design in a direction that they did not like. Another person added that the original Figma template looked good, and a lot of designs since then have been trying to copy it without a lot of success.

Someone else added comments that they looked at an article about this concept and found it to be helpful. The background information provided in the article explained how these shadows affect accessibility of a site for a person with blindness. Screen readers may have difficulty with the shadow coding and other shadow attributes. Several others commented on their recognition of accessibility problems. Even a person who is not blind but has trouble with low contrast could have an issue with these shadow effects.

Others wondered if all of these shadow effects were a trend, and if so, when they would stop. One person replied to say that they had not seen much of these shadow effects yet. Someone else wrote back and said that the trend will only stop once a new one comes to take its place. A few people simply said that they were curious about how the CSS coding worked. A couple of people wondered what the purpose was for creating shadow effects. Others said that there is no specific purpose to them other than to create some visual interest. For more information click here

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