How You Can Utilize Your Site's Footer to Boost Views & Profit

How You Can Utilize Your Site's Footer to Boost Views & Profit

The footer is one of the most underestimated components of a modern website. The bottom of each web page should include some basic information relating to the overall theme of a given domain. The current year should be clearly displayed in a standard footer. It's also possible to actually display some date-related data in real time. Fortunately, there are plenty of dynamic scripts and codes that automatically update the content inside a footer.

PHP is a versatile syntax that could be set up to show any combination of date and time outputs. This is an open source programming language that can be implemented into content management systems (CMS) and other templates that are powered by proprietary or open source technology. JavaScript is another powerful script that gives webmasters plenty of options for updating the information within the bounds of a footer. For the sake of making basic monthly or annual updates, there's no need to have extensive experience in writing code in some of the most common languages on the World Wide Web. It's quite easy to copy and paste snippets of scripts that contain tags and commands featuring PHP and JavaScript. Webmasters simply need to find reliable sources that have updated syntax that's been approved by a global community of web developers and programmers.

The custom footer of a website might include some hyperlinks to other important pages or external sites. Therefore, the HTML syntax for links has to be optimized based on the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium, which is commonly known as W3C. Improper configuration of HTML can lead to HTTP 404 errors on a server. Widgets are some other common integrations in footers that promote direct user engagement. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest icons typically prompt users to share interesting content.

When it comes to e-commerce, footers can increase sales and commissions from affiliate partnerships. Amazon may be smoothly integrated into the bottom of a static or dynamic page. Analytical software has to be configured to keep track of each referral that's done through the footer of a website. Amazon provides the appropriate tracking technology for partners.

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