How to Maximize Visibility on Your Mobile Site

How to Maximize Visibility on Your Mobile Site

In 2017, there are so many mobile devices and computer screens that it is hard to keep up with. With the wide variety of resolutions, it is now essential for web developers to use adaptive features to be compatible with all devices.

It is a challenging feat to make a website compatible with all sorts of devices, browsers, scripts, and libraries. The top web design agencies struggle with it all the time, but they are making strides in technology as time goes on.

Screen sizes in phones are now peaking at 4K resolutions while there are still plenty in the world stuck with 240p. As you would imagine, a website designed for 4K would look awful on a smaller device or vice versa. In general, web developers are now designing websites to work with mid-range mobile devices and focusing on the rest secondary.

Utilize Horizontal Width
You should no longer nudge elements of your website in the corner as it is just a waste of horizontal space on a mobile device's limited screen. When something has to stretch to fill a screen, it looks like an awful smear and you can guarantee that you will lose regular readers. Either stuff useful extras in unused horizontal space or resize everything so that it looks like a neat horizontal stack.
A Downward Scroll
If you notice on a lot of modern new sites or blogs, the display of content is stacked evenly and is designed to scroll. This makes things much easier to adapt to vertical resolutions are limitless so small devices will only have to scroll down. The content should also be centered to utilize the viewport height and contain enough content to fill up the screen.
Rotating Screens
The ability for mobile devices to rotate the screen completely changes the way that they may view your website. It will add additional horizontal space so you must prepare your website to be reactive with the additional width. One way is to have the content stack up in two columns so that everything fits into the screen. You do not want your website to have giant and blocky tiles that take up the entire screen due to the low vertical resolution.

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