How to Make Your Sign-up Form Stand Out from all the Boring Ones.

How to Make Your Sign-up Form Stand Out from all the Boring Ones.

With user experience getting better each day, it was only a matter of time before analysts evaluated that often overlooked element known as the web form. We all know about these forms because we encounter them on an almost daily basis, and they are seldom visually appealing. We are used to getting white backgrounds with outlines of text fields and the occasional logo, but that’s basically all we get. Sign-up forms are supposed to convince visitors to create accounts or make deeper connections with the web properties they visit, but they are rarely enticing on their own.

While there is always a chance that the content and design of the website have already worked their magic on visitors, this does not diminish the possibility of losing a conversion because the sign-up form was sterile and unappealing. Undecided visitors do not rationalize very deeply when they are confronted with plain-vanilla web forms; by the time click away, their final actions are almost instinctual. Let’s say a page has been set up for a mobile app that is not selling well on Google Play; if you have already stated the case for installing the app, the sign-up form need not be aesthetic, but how can you be sure that every visitor has been thoroughly convinced before navigating to the form?

Here’s a method that web design and UX engineers have determined to be quite effective: When text fields are presented in off-white colors, visitors are more likely to interact, especially if the color or shading changes after they input information. The key is visual noise; white fields that look like other sections of the page end up being tiresome to visitors. Let’s keep in mind that instructions and other lines of text will likely need to be placed around the fields, and this will result in a visual clash.

Another trick that works pretty well for sign-up forms is to place them inside a box where the background is off-white so that it contrasts with the input fields; doing this will call greater attention to the fields while making visitors feel a bit more relaxed about signing up. For more information click here

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