How to Learn CSS and Make the Internet More Beautiful

How to Learn CSS and Make the Internet More Beautiful

Thanks to CSS, the Web is functional and beautiful. The latest development, CSS3, included more than 500 properties, which can be challenging to remember, especially for fledgling developers or those who are becoming reacquainted with CSS. Fortunately, the list of CSS properties on Web4College introduces the 300+ CSS properties that are currently supported by Web browsers and enables developers and hobbyists to explore those properties.

The website arranges each of the CSS properties alphabetically. Users can also quickly search for properties by name. The properties include alignment, backgrounds, animation, borders, captions, fonts, grids, lines, margins, masks, outlines, padding, scrolling, text, and transitions, among others.

Once the user selects a specific property, they will see a definition as well as all of the property's possible values, including which value is the default value, along with descriptions of how those properties present. The website explains which elements those properties can be applied to. One particularly useful feature is the ability to see which browsers, if any, support specific CSS properties. This informs the user if a browser lacks support or only partially supports a particular CSS property, which may prompt the user to rely on other properties when coding for that browser.

When the user feels ready, they can click "Explore" to view an example of that property in use. There's a button to try out the code itself in an editor, which depicts both the HTML and the CSS that applies to that markup. Valid code will change the output, and the user can download the code or share it online. Although not necessarily designed for it, users can deploy multiple properties using the CSS editor.

This tool can be used to brush up on CSS or to learn about a specific property for the first time. After learning CSS, the user can incorporate it into website or app design. For more information click here

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