How to Get Sufficient Website Content in a Timely Fashion

How to Get Sufficient Website Content in a Timely Fashion

A web developer who works for a small agency has noticed that their clients rarely provide them with enough content for the website that they are building. Without content, it is difficult for the web designed to know how to build the site. SEO is also impossible to implement without content. This developer noted that years later, some clients have still not provided content for the sites that they have paid to develop. This person wanted to know if other web developers have specific strategies for getting timely content from their clients.

One person replied that they use a financial incentive system. They offer six free months of web hosting. After that, they begin to charge a predetermined rate. If the client fails to provide content, they lose their free hosting. This motivates the client to provide the content in a timely manner so that the developers can move along in the timeline of the project.

Another strategy that this first commentator noted was that they have sometimes refused to begin the work until they get content from the client. They will not start production until the client has provided a specific amount of content to go on the site. This prevents the client from holding the content hostage and ending up with an empty site. The person has also terminated projects when clients have not provided content within six months. The client forfeits their deposit at that point. This person also refuses to work with such clients in the future.

One person noted the catch-22 of the situation. The web developer refuses to start the design process until they have content to load to the site. The client refuses to provide content until they can see the design template. This can only go on for so long until one or both parties get frustrated and terminate the contract. The developer who noted this issue also explained that they have a few generic design templates that they show the client so that the client can get a feel for what the finished site will look like, inspiring them to deliver. For more information click here

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