How to Code an Effect in All of the Languages

How to Code an Effect in All of the Languages

A programmer is trying to create an interesting effect for text in the hover state. When the cursor is over the text, the person wants it to look like it is rolling a little or slightly levitating. The person can already do this in JavaScript, but they want to know if there is a way to do it in CSS. They want the text to look like it is dropping and sort of bouncing. Their animation shows what they like, but they just want a new way to code it.

One person wrote back and said that it can be done, and they provided the coder with some lines of codes in order to make it happen. They also had some tips on how to structure it. The person described a general approach to animation that works well for them. They said that when text is to be animated, the best way to do it is to double the number of characters so that one can be launched from above, and the other can be launched from below.

Another person replied with a tip to make the animation accessible. They had some guidelines to share about how to do this. Others followed this up with a few different tips about parent, sibling and child attributes and elements to use in the setup.

A few other people had some tips on how to go about making this animation. One person suggested that the original poster try it with SASS and use an animation delay loop. Another person suggested a pseudo element and a variable for roll over. A different person offered a tip about making a span for the whole word and then breaking it down by letter. Someone else suggested trying a Vue and React setup.

After a lengthy discussion, it seems that the original poser of the question now has a lot of options on what they can do. This is a good thing, because each method will provide a slightly different effect. It could also be that one method will be more responsive or take less processing time. For more information click here

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