How Making Your Website Standout Leads to Successful Viewer Interaction

How Making Your Website Standout Leads to Successful Viewer Interaction

User experience is a very important aspect of developing and designing websites. If a user does not have an experience that matches either their tastes or what the product or service that is the reason for their time online, a website easily falls by the wayside and never leads to a successful interaction. It is something of a knee-jerk reaction to always want to create the nicest or friendliest interaction to turn first-timers into return visitors. However, there is also the brutalist mindset that actively works counter to this idea.

Vova Kurbatov provides an example of a 'brutal website' with his own homepage. Instead of an artistic scene or design, the only visible graphic is his face. It starts as a skill which becomes covered as the website loads. His eyes remain open as follow the cursor as it moves which give a slight unease. At the very least, it is weird almost to the point of being creepy. Fonts are too large for the page and there is little to no reason regarding spacing. This is a jarring experience that becomes quite memorable. It rests upon the user to decide if it's memorable for the right reason or a focal point of derision.

Brutalism is a response to how pristine and sterile most websites have become in the current day. It is a response to the homogenization of life online. By providing unexpected design and formatting, websites like Kurbatov's challenge the user to pay more attention to what is being offered instead of how it is presented. The creator stands out in the mind of the user by providing something different to other websites vying for their time.

As with normalized web design, brutalism still requires technique and ability to create an intended user experience. The idea is not based on providing a bad experience for users. It is meant to develop a different experience that does not fall into the same categories as other websites. Brutal websites, like Kurbatov's, aim to stand out in the user's mind through choice, not because of lack of forethought.

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