How IOHK Uses Cascading Disruption to Engage Web Visitors

How IOHK Uses Cascading Disruption to Engage Web Visitors

There are two ways to draw attention on the internet. The first is to provide a product, service, or information that an audience or user will seek out and make sure they can access it. The second is to have something interesting about the destination that may interest anyone and wait for the arrival of the masses.

IOHK struck a fine blend of both by providing an in-depth analysis of the history and usage of blockchain with an amazing cursor attached to their homepage.

For those seeking more information on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the webpage is a good jumping off point for novices and a fine augmentation for those with a better understanding of the technology. However, an incredibly unique animated cursor can easily keep users of all skill levels entertained for a significant period of time before they read the first word.

This cursor moves fluidly on web browsers on mobile devices as well as desktop, laptop, and tablet screens. It becomes almost hypnotic as it cycles through five rich colors with a fading effect cover its wake. With a steady speed, the user may 'fill' the entirety off the screen with its trail and watch as the particles and waves gently dissipate and leave behind a single glowing orb. The cursor alone is enough to spread the word of this site as the smooth motions and dazzling colors provide an experience that is both soothing and kinetic at the same time.

The cursor also serves as a graphical representation of the IOHK philosophy. The movements of the cursor guide the trails that follow and each minute action results in a wide-sweeping impact. It is about small groups having a large impact on the world in which they operate. They call this 'Cascading Disruption' and follow this philosophy to provide decentralized solutions to others.

Due to their inclusion of an interesting cursor, IOHK will continue to draw the attention of the internet at large. This very positive first experience may very easily turn the random visitor into their next customer.

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