How Honest Ipsum Generator Can Benefit Your Creative Process

How Honest Ipsum Generator Can Benefit Your Creative Process

As a designer or developer, it can be an incredible drain to move content around during the creation process. Lorem Ipsum generators are often used to create placeholder text, easing the hardship. Using these placeholders allows the creator to focus on the design and user experience. However, taking a shortcut like this can lead to its own set of problems during pre-production interaction with the client. As an example, a client may wonder the reason for the badly spelled Latin website content. The Honest Ipsum generator solves this problem by creating filler content for designers and developers that is, quite literally, self-explanatory to the client.

Clients are not always familiar with the design process. Knowing this unfamiliarity leaves designers and developers with two options. Firstly, the designer can brace themselves for questions about the placeholder content: "What is this Lorem Ipsum text?" is a common one. However, doing this wastes time and can become aggravating for both the designer and the client. The second, better, option is to use a solution like Honest Ipsum.

The Honest Ipsum content generator provides English placeholder content for designers. This easily generated content is worded to redirect the client's focus to the design aspect of the project. Therefore, the client is not left to wonder why their content has seemingly disappeared. The Honest Ipsum solution allows the mid-project communication between the designer and client to focus on the project, instead of irrelevant text appearing to show typeface.

The Honest Ipsum generator is incredibly easy for anyone to use. The first step is to select the number of paragraphs needed and the approximate number of words desired for each paragraph. Clicking the generate button will then provide the desired amount of Honest Ipsum text in both plain text and HTML styles. The entire placeholder content generation process with Honest Ipsum takes less than a minute to complete. This simple process makes Honest Ipsum an invaluable tool for designers and developers by saving time during the design process and preventing unnecessary questioning during interaction with the client.

Though we really like this concept, we felt it necessary to point out one concern with Honest Ipsum. If you are an English-speaking designer / developer, I have to assume you are more likely to forget that some Honest Ipsum was left behind. Lorem Ipsum has the advantage of standing out as completely bogus content, whereas your new Honest Ipsum text is actually correct language, so it could go undetected before the launch of your new site.

With that said, we love the idea, we hope think it's clever, and we will definitely be using on a bunch of our, "dummy text that is essentially a placeholder so you can see what your final typefaces will look like. This text is not final and should be replaced. Often when a web designer needs to fill in a paragraph temporarily, they will use some nonsensical Latin words; Not in this paragraph though."

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