How Colorinspo Can Paint Your Project Right

How Colorinspo Can Paint Your Project Right

Colorinspo is perhaps best known as one of the many palette picker websites out there. But there's really a lot more to it than that.

They have a much broader mission to educate people about the importance of color in marketing materials, including website design. They provide a newsletter, color games, tutorials, freebies and daily reads. If you want to get educated about color, this is a great place to start.

They do their best to be user-friendly. They are primarily aimed at web designers and indie developers who need to get it right on a budget and within time constraints when they may not have the most solid color sense.

What good is a palette picker if you don't know anything about color theory? It's not enough for the colors within your palette to work well together. They need to work well for the intended purpose of the project in question.

If you want calm and soothing, you may have the good sense to not choose a black and red palette. But do you know enough to really know where to start? Colorinspo can answer your questions and help you get a leg up on picking the right colors for the job at hand.

If you know you desperately need to go down on internet rabbit hole about everything color, this is the place to start that journey. From video tutorials to daily reads to sources of inspiration, they have everything you need to start that journey if you are new to the effective use of color or continue it if already know some basics.

It's all delivered by two guys from India via a clean web interface. You will have no trouble finding your way around the site and the creators make it easy to connect with them on Twitter.

This high tech plus high touch makes this a small project that can have a big impact on your web-based projects and your ability to communicate effectively with your intended audience. If a picture speaks a thousand words, color must surely be at least half of that equation. For more information click here

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