Honest Programmers Fare Best with Clients

Honest Programmers Fare Best with Clients

Every programmer has an area that they do not know a lot about, and their lack of knowledge could be a source of embarrassment. Even if a coder is an expert in other areas, a lack of knowledge on one topic could be a source of frustration. That lack of knowledge could make the programmer afraid to ask for help. One coder recently queried the community in order to find out where other people lack knowledge and why they are afraid to ask for help with it. This original poster explained where their own lack of knowledge is and why they were afraid to ask for help.

One person replied back that they lack knowledge about Shopify. This person expressed a lack of knowledge with the Shopify API and SDK features. The person has watched a lot of tutorials and discovered that those tutorials were either for the wrong version or were wrong in some other way when the person went to apply the information in the tutorial. This brave person also expressed a lack of knowledge in several other specific topic areas related to different features or functions in a variety of programming languages, including CSS flex box versus CSS grid.

Another person reported a lack of knowledge about what a database actually is. This person understands SQL and database functions, but is not sure about how to define a database. One person noted a lack of knowledge about what a developer advocate position is and what a person in that type of a job would do. The community quickly delivered helpful answers.

It is always good to be honest with yourself about what you do not know. Expressing your lack of knowledge to others shows that you are honest and know how to set your limits. When you tell others that you do not know how to do something, you set yourself up for the opportunity to learn. Perhaps that person could teach you. Maybe they lack knowledge in something that you could help them understand. Knowing what you don't know is a first step to improving yourself. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/b8yiui/i_dont_know_blah_and_at_this_point_im_too_afraid/.

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