Here's Why Is An Important Tool For UX Developers.

When it comes to developing successful mobile apps, user experience and flow tend to be more important than interface and content; for this reason, it is nice to have an online resource such as, an archive of mobile app screenshots that compiles seven new user flows every week. Since making mobile users at ease right off the bat is crucial for app developers, most of the sequences captured by UX Screenshots are related to the loading and welcoming aboard processes. Many of the screenshots are of very popular mobile apps such as Slack and Medium; by default, they are shown in portrait mode because we live in the era of vertical video and because even users of so-called "phablets" such as the Apple iPhone XS Max and the Google Pixel 3 are not showing much inclination towards landscape mode. UX Screenshots will come in handy for all types of UX developers, not just those who focus on mobile apps. The site itself runs on Ruby on Rails, and it is a good example of effective UX itself. This website launched fairly recently, and thus far most of the screenshots are of the "onboarding" process, which happens to be one of the most crucial for mobile apps. As more flows are submitted, posted and archived, new categories such as creating or starting projects will hold more screenshots. As of February 11, one of the most interesting flows posted to UX Screenshots is that of the reading app Medium, which features a artistic splash screen that looks like a collage and jumps right into a registration or login screen; users who are new to the app are prompted to check their inbox for verification, and then reading interest is gauged by means of presenting tags such as blockchain, style, work, family, news, education, and many others. The flow prompts are at the top of the screen, and new users are presented with a very simple and inviting screen to enable permission for smartphone notifications; once this is accomplished, Medium displays recent articles that match user interest. All in all, a succinct and efficient flow to welcome users aboard a mobile app. For more information click here