Here Are Tips on Making the Most of Background Designs

Here Are Tips on Making the Most of Background Designs

Background enhancers are simple designs that make a background more interesting to look at without causing a distraction. They range from applying effects, fine-tuning color, light, and contrast to transparent images, pseudo-elements, and gradients. Many websites use background enhancers to make their pages more appealing and exciting to look at.

This way, consumers enjoy navigating through a site and spend hours checking out its services and products. If you're looking for background enhancers for your website, here are some great sources.

  1. Hero PatternsHero Patterns provides you with a collection of SVG backgrounds to use on your web projects. Their patterns are repetitive and allow you to pick a foreground and background color of your choice when browsing patterns. You can also change the foreground opacity of your pattern to increase or decrease the lightness and darkness of your background.

The beauty of Hero Patterns is that it's free, allowing you to design and develop your website at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, the background enhancers on Hero Patterns consist of basic and standard patterns. Therefore, they aren't a good choice for sophisticated and modern websites.

  1. Transparent TexturesTransparent Textures is a great source for background enhancers if you want to add a texture element to your site. To pick an enhancer, you have to follow these steps:

  2. Choose a color.

  3. Choose a pattern – the site has several patterns such as arches, corrugation, robot, rice paper, putty wood, pyramid, and light wool. You can find these in different categories, including fabric, wall, geometric, squares, gradient, and clouds.

  4. And lastly, grab the CSS.

  5. Pattern LibraryThe Pattern Library consists of various background enhancers shared by some of the most talented designers in the world for free use. If you're looking for more diverse options, Pattern Library is a wise option. It features enhancers with various textures, styles, and designs, and they are all unique.

  6. Websites for Creative BackgroundsThis website features other different websites with background enhancers. For example, you can find Hero Patterns on it, among other sites like Gradient Background, Naker, and SVG Backgrounds. For more information click here

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