Here Are 10 New CSS Coding Properties You Should Know

Here Are 10 New CSS Coding Properties You Should Know

Within a discussion group for CSS programmers, a participant shared a link to an article about new CSS features. This is a 2021 edition of updates to the language. The original poster wanted to know what others thought about these 10 new CSS features.

Custom Properties
CSS now allows a coder to create custom properties. The options include color schemes, themes and more.

Supports make it easier to respond to a query from the media. It facilitates the rapid reporting of information in a non-technical manner.

Flexbox Gaps
Flexbox is well-regarded as a CSS feature. The gaps include general, row and column options. They make it easier to visually separate what is in the box.

Content Visibility
This feature aims to improve a site's overall performance. It does this with all types of elements. The elements can be visible or hidden.

With a transition property, CSS allows you to make a smooth transition that looks like an animation. This is in contrast to the usual abrupt change.

With CSS transformations, elements in 2D and 3D space can be rotated, moved, flipped or scaled.

CSS allow simple and complicated animations for a variety of file and graphic types.

Scroll Snap
With the scroll snap feature, a user can hone in on an element of the page and scroll through it. The other page elements stay where they are without being disturbed. Whent he user taps away, the other things are in the same place as they were before they started scrolling.

Is and Where Classes
Is and where are new pseudo classes in CSS. They make it easier to set up a selection tool.

These are new features that programmers can start using at any time. The author of the article noted that CSS is always developing new features, and coders would do well to keep up with the changes in order to deliver the best possible site design to a client or on their own site. The original poster noted that they use a lot of this in their personal site and in sites for clients. For more information click here

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