Header Tags Do a Lot More Than Just Divide Paragraphs

Header Tags Do a Lot  More Than Just Divide Paragraphs

Authors of web copy and digital artists alike understand firsthand that the relative sizes of separate stretches of text content are an important factor to take into account. It is an important consideration for SEO's sake because Google's spiders detect whether certain text strings are enclosed in header tags, and the crawlers ascribe different kinds of significance to the contents of differently sized tags. In general, header tags that are associated with smaller numbers, like "h1," are understood to be headers for massive segments of a given page's overall content. Meanwhile, header tags representing smaller font sizes are seen to represent individual section headers within those larger segments.

The sizes of header tags go some way toward improving the chances that Google's ranking algorithms will award a web page a healthy position in SERPs. However, web designers and artists who are working on informational graphics find that the relative sizes of text elements are far more directly relevant to how successful the graphics are at engaging their intended consumers.

The human eye is naturally inclined toward reading the largest letters among those populating a piece of content it is parsing for the first time. This means that the creator of any image that features its most prominently enlarged text in the center can generally expect much smaller text existing above that not to be the first line of text that audiences will actually read. In fact, if the text beneath the most prominent words is only slightly smaller but still larger than the text at the top, the average reader will instinctively proceed to read that text and will likely save the small text at the top for last.

The phenomenon that larger words are the first words the average reader is inclined to parse is also taken into account by authors and designers who work on printed media such as newspapers and digital media such as emails and web advertisements. Newspapers are a fairly extreme case of this pattern at work because stories' titles are meant to inform readers at a glance what the smaller text describes in detail. For more information click here https://i.imgur.com/UqPKZ96.jpg.

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