Having trouble with undersized images? Keep calm and Let's Enhance

Having trouble with undersized images? Keep calm and Let's Enhance

Have you ever wanted to scale up a low-resolution image, but were unhappy with the results? Now, you can create beautiful upscaled images for free with Let's Enhance.

Developed by Alex Savsunenko and Vladislav Pranskevius, Let's Enhance scales images up to 4 times their original resolution, without the blockiness, blurriness and artifacts you would usually see when using Photoshop and similar applications. It does this by using neural networks: a type of AI software that simulates the problem-solving behavior of our brains. These networks fill in the details that are normally missing when you upscale a low-resolution image.

Let's Enhance processes images using three separate filters. The Anti-JPEG filter removes artifacts that may have been left behind after the image was compressed. This filter is only relevant for JPEG images that were heavily compressed. The Boring filter also removes artifacts, and is best used for logos and graphic designs. Lastly, there is the Magic filter, which uses a large database of photographs in an attempt to identify features in the image. It then fills in the missing data. This filter is used primarily for photos.

How To Use the Image Upscaling Software
Let's Enhance is a web app with a drag-and-drop interface, which means you can drag an image from another application, such as a file manager, and drop it into Let's Enhance. You can also upload an image using a traditional file open dialog, which is useful if you are using the app with a mobile device.

Let's Enhance is free to use, but before doing so you must create an account with them. You can also log in using your Facebook credentials.

Let's Enhance Image Upscaler Limitations
Let's Enhance is a work-in-process. At the moment, some images upscale well, while others not so much. The developers, though, are committed to improving the quality in future versions.

Other limitations are the lack of an API and the inability to upload multiple images at once. Hopefully, these limitations will be addressed in future versions.

In spite of its current limitations, Let's Enhance is a useful and powerful web app with lots of promise.

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