Have Fun With Yan Zhu's Instagram Filters

Have Fun With Yan Zhu's Instagram Filters

Programmer Yan Zhu has created multiple Instagram filters with inspiration from CSSgram. The filters Zhu created are a play with light more than color. So if you are looking for a shot that is bursting with Southern California's golden brightness then the Reyes filter is probably the one for you. Other filters like Perpetua are heavy on primary colors while Willow and Inkwell will give your photos a monochromatic look. Of course, there's also the obligatory nostalgia filter, Zhu's is called 1977.

Once you get to minified Instagram.css files on GitHub, you'll go to the demo page. From there you will see a list of Zhu's filters, all with the same HTML structure with the filter names in the filter-[filter-name] position.

With just over 40 available filters, Zhu seems to have had fun playing with Instagram filters. To keep it fun for you, Devices.css employs Autoprefixer to smooth over compatibility issues. Chrome - versions 18 and over, Microsoft Edge - versions 13 and up, Firefox - versions 35 onward, Safari - versions 6 and up, and Opera - versions 15 and above are recommended.

Some users noticed a lag when multiple blend modes were operating simultaneously, while others noticed no issues. The blend modes left an overall positive impression with most programmers, and they appreciated how powerful CSS has become. The biggest advantage most programmers will notice is how CSS tools are used in the browser, making it unnecessary to use outside programs.

Overall, the filters tend toward bright light effects. Sunbursts and glare might obscure image clarity. But if you're using a filter then you are most likely looking for effect over clarity. Zhu's filters are distinctive and vary a bit from the typical, polished Instagram filters. Those interested in contributing to the project are encouraged to submit a pull request.

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