Google Testing Causes Torrent Of Comments From Developer Community

Google Testing Causes Torrent Of Comments From Developer Community

A web designer noticed that Google has started to put a left border on a hover feature. This person wondered if it was available in all environments, operating systems and browsers, or if it is only available in a few of them. They also wanted to know what other people thought about the new feature.

One person joked that the internet would never be the same after this. A few people shared that they chuckled after seeing that comment, because a lot of web designers act like a new feature is going to change the whole online world after it is implemented.

Another person replied that Google might be doing A/B testing. They suspect that this new feature is not a global change at this time. Another person added on to this comment, stating that Google has analytics that can determine if a link gets more clicks when a new feature like this is implemented.

A few people wondered how Google would test whether or not people seem to like the new feature. A multitude of people wrote back and explained how Google would be able to do this. It is also possible that Google has analytical tools that it does not share, so it may have more ways of analyzing changes that people do not yet know about.

Some people stated that they did not see this feature. They wondered what browser the original poster was using in order to access it. The original poster told them, and the people who could not access it replied back with the version that they have access to and the other browsers that they tested.

A couple of individuals wanted to know why this was of any importance. They got a few replies. One person said that Google tests changes all the time, and they do it in order to optimize the ways that sites appear and the number of clicks that a site might get. They may also be doing it for reasons of accessibility. The hover feature could have an affect on the internet users who have a disability. For more information click here

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