Google Is Testing Out New Search Tools for YouTube

Google Is Testing Out New Search Tools for YouTube

A marketer found that Google is rolling out a new tool to make it easier to search on YouTube for videos that feature specific types of content. They took a few screen shots of what the content search tool looks like. This person wanted to know what other people thought about the tool.

One person wrote back and stated that they created a tool that is nearly identical to this months ago. They were asked to complete several online forms about their design, then they received no contact or feedback. YouTube blocked them from several access points, and this designer has never been able to rectify the situation. This person wonders if their work got stolen. Several people wrote back and said that it probably did.

Another person replied to say that they had recently been trying similar search tools for other venues. Others also said that different websites have similar search tools for their online videos. Most of these websites were focused on adult content. The user would search for a particular actress, scenario or position on those sites.

Someone else wrote back and said that there are front end frameworks and server frameworks that allow for this type of searching, and YouTube would not be the first website to enable it. A different person said that other sites have had this type of searching available for quite a while, and they wondered why YouTube was so slow to implement it.

A few people noted the limitations of the search tool for YouTube. One of them said that it did not work on Firefox. This might be due to the fact that Google owns YouTube and Chrome, so Google's coders might only be focusing on tools that will work on their proprietary systems. Someone else reminded the community that different tools get rolled out at different times for different users. It might be based on the user's activity level, whether or not they maintain their own YouTube channel, what they search for or other factors that are proprietary to the algorithms that Google uses in order to show content. For more information click here

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