Glaze Stock Offers a New Way to Get Website Images

Glaze Stock Offers a New Way to Get Website Images

Glaze Stock offers free illustrations and images for all uses. The website launched in 2018 to provide better illustrations for commercial uses. At the time, Glaze's founders found themselves frustrated at the available options online. Illustrations used to be costly and looked more like Clip Art than attractive images worth using. Nobody wants to overpay for illustrations that feature such horrible designs and high price tags.

A Website That Claims To Provide Free Illustrations...With A Twist

The minds behind Glaze Stock claim to provide 100% free illustrations. This is technically true, but free illustrations must feature attribution. Unfortunately, attribution can feel limiting, and not everyone wants a visible attribution line. Payment for a given illustration is required in order to sidestep this requirement. Of course, a payment of any type means that these illustrations aren't actually free.

Free Images Come With Quite A Few Catches

Free illustrations on the site come with various limitations aside from attribution. For instance, users won't receive the source file for a given image. They won't receive multiple color-ways or even full-sized photos, either. Casual users will look beyond these limitations and provide attribution for free use. On the other hand, plenty of users will scoff at these limitations and run away from Glaze Stock immediately.

Standard Versus Premium: Is The Cost Worth It?

Illustrations on Glaze Stock are broken into one of two categories. A given image is classified either as Standard or Premium. Currently, Standard illustrations cost $10 for full access, and Premium illustrations cost $20 for full access without limitations. Images are priced individually, so there are no package deals or subscriptions here. That fact will disappoint plenty of users that find Glaze Stock's images visually appealing.

Glaze Stock Will Work For Some, Not All

In the end, Glaze Stock is a decent, albeit expensive, solution for illustrations. 100% free alternatives are available online today. Other services may prove more cost-effective and provide better illustrations as well. Without a doubt, Glaze Stock provides excellent illustrations, but users shouldn't be hooked by the claims of being free. It's only technically a true statement, and better solutions may be available elsewhere. For more information click here

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